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Frequently asked questions

I offer Modern and Biblical Hebrew lessons for all levels of students. From absolute beginners to intermediate and advanced students, I will customize a program to help you to rapidly achieve your language goals.

Please click on the ‘Hebrew Premium’ tab on the toolbar and then click again on the subscribe button, sign up and that’s it – now you have access to ALL the Hebrew premium content.

You will receive a monthly invoice and payment is made securely by PayPal. There are no long-term contracts or obligations for lessons. Simply renew each month for as long you would like to continue your lessons.

Please complete the contact form and I will schedule an informal Skype meeting at your convenience to discuss your Hebrew language goals, schedule and to answer your questions. Following the Skype meeting, lessons can often begin within a week or two.


"Ariel is probably one of the best teachers I have ever had! He is so patience and explaining things in the simplest way. I truly enjoyed talking to him – it felt as if I’m talking with a good friend."
Steve, New York
"The Hebrew lessons with Ariel were excellent. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to learn this special language and for having a teacher like Ariel. God bless you!"
Andrea, Amsterdam
"Ariel has a real passion for teaching and it shows! His knowledge of the history of Hebrew and Judaism is truly remarkable!"
Veronica, London
"I am very happy with Ariel’s teaching style, especially since I really need experience in listening and speaking. Ariel is very knowledgeable, a lot of fun, and an excellent instructor"
Michael, Munich