What fascinating thing do Moses and Noah have in common?

When Moses was a baby, his mother put him in a basket and sent it floating on the Nile in hopes of saving his young life. In the original Hebrew, Moses was not put inside a “basket” but rather inside an “ark” (“teva” {תבה} in Hebrew) – yes, the same concept as in the story of Noah in Genesis and those are the only two references in the entire Hebrew Bible for this unique term!

This fact has drawn the attention of some Bible commentators. One of the more interesting interpretations suggests that an ark, unlike a ship or a boat, has no ability to determine the way it goes. The inability to navigate or chart a course means an ark is dependent completely on Divine providence to make sure it will reach its true destiny. This commonality is precisely what Noah’s ark and Moses’ ark (‘basket’) had in common –both were guided by Divine providence to mark the beginning of a new phase in history: the aftermath of the Great Flood and the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt!