Hebrew – the Holy language

Moses delivering the Torah and the Ten Commandments to the sons of Israel in Mount Sinai; Jesus confronts the Roman Empire in Judea, David is defeating Goliath, King Solomon is building the first Temple, the Hebrew exiles from Babylon returning to their land and build the second temple, King Saul is defeated in Mount Gilboa, Delilah is capturing Samson’s heart, and lead him to his decay. What do all these canonical events have in common? They were all conducted in Hebrew.

There is no doubt that the Hebrew language is the key to many fundamental practices and events in western society, and more and more people are gaining knowledge and skills regarding that language. Want to be acquainted with basic biblical hebrew? The best way is by taking on line biblical hebrew lessons.

Gaining your Hebrew skills

Wonder how to learn biblical hebrew? On line Hebrew lessons are an optimal solution for people who want to progress on their own private rate. It allows you to adjust your study hours in accordance to your working hours, so that the study process is conducted peacefully and without pressure.

As opposed to off line learning process, where multiple students are studying the same material simultaneously, regardless of the knowledge gaps between them, in on line studying you enjoy a one on one practice, which is Taylor made just for you. So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to extend your horizons and acquire profound knowledge in one of the most ancient languages in the world.

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