How to Learn Hebrew Quickly

There can be many reasons why one would want to learn Hebrew. Here are some of the reasons why a person may wish to learn Modern Hebrew:

  • It could be because you are moving to Israel (making Aliyah).
  • You might want to visit and speaking the local language would make your trip more enjoyable.
  • You may even want to learn Hebrew quickly because you conduct business internationally in Israel.
  • Maybe you wish to covert to Judaism.
  • You could want to learn Hebrew so that you can understand and articulate the words of prayers and blessings correctly.
  • Maybe you wish to deepen your understanding of the Christian or Jewish faith and learning Hebrew would help you do so.
  • It could simply be love for the language that makes you want to learn Hebrew.
  • Maybe your loved ones speak Hebrew and learning Hebrew would help you communicate with them better.
  • You might need to improve your Hebrew for academic testing or a job interview in Israel
  • Or simply to improve your conversational skills

Whatever your motivation, I can help you learn Hebrew easily. Understanding the reason why you wish to learn Hebrew quickly will help me create a lesson plan customized to your needs. I will be able to select material and subjects that are relevant to you so that you can learn Hebrew easily.

Your lessons will be one-on-one, which means that we can learn at a pace that you are comfortable with and your learning will be stress-free, fun as well as personally rewarding.

If you wish to learn Hebrew you can contact me at or you can visit and leave your name, email and message and I will get back to you.