Learn to Read Hebrew Online

If you want to learn to read Hebrew online, that you might want to try Hebrewversity. We can help you make sense of a rich and fascinating language whose roots go back thousands of years to the dawn of civilization.

Hebrew is a Semitic language that goes back thousands of years. The Hebrew alphabet is as different from the English script as day is from night. The Hebrew alphabet used today is also known as Jewish Script, Square Script and even Block Script.

The thing is, it can be quite intimidating for a beginner wanting to learn to read Hebrew online. The script looks strange and difficult to understand and read. However, let me assure you, once you get used to it, Hebrew is not so difficult. In fact, it has a much smaller vocabulary and alphabet than the English language, and fewer rules of grammar as well.

The only thing you really need to remember about reading Hebrew is that it is read right to left and not left to right as English and other major languages are. Once you get comfortable with that, reading Hebrew is not so much of a challenge.

We at Hebrewversity will help you learn to read Hebrew online. We offer one-on-one online lessons where we teach you to speak, read and write Hebrew. And since it is a one-on-one class, you can set your own pace with no pressure from other students. Additionally, we will ensure that whatever reading you do is directly related to what you are interested in, or what helps you the most.

If you would like to learn to read Hebrew online, please get in touch with us by filling up our contact form. Our Program Director, Ariel, will personally contact you to discuss the program details with you.