Learning the Holy Language

Hebrew – one of the most ancient languages in the world. Hebrew was used in so many historic, canonic and life changing events throughout history of mankind, it’s hard to keep track. It was one of the most popular languages in many historic and liturgical occasions, many of which were social milestones for the western society.

Think of it: the Torah and the Ten Commandments were given in Hebrew at Mount Sinai, Jesus gathered his believers and confronted the priests in the Hebrew language, the ceremonies and prayers in the first and second temples were conducted in Hebrew, and the Old Testament was written in Hebrew. There is no doubt that the Hebrew language is one of the most fundamental languages of western civilization.

Learn Hebrew now

Interested in taking hebrew classes online? There is a variety of online classes suitable for various levels and learning paces. All you have to do is pick the right type for you. online hebrew classes have a profound advantage: it is a Taylor-made learning environment that is suited specifically for your needs, and allows you to acquire the linguistic skills under your own terms and pace. It is an optimal solution for working people, who aren’t able to invest long hours sitting in a classroom, and prefer to learn after working hours.

So many reasons to learn Hebrew

There are varieties of reasons to acquire the holy language. For example: personal interest, preparation for a job interview in Israel, contacting with loved ones in Israel, deepen the understanding of the prayers both in synagogues and in churches, and more. What’s your reason?

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