Online Hebrew Courses

If you are looking for online Hebrew courses, then you might want to consider enrolling with

Our courses are designed with your goals in mind and we offer various levels of study programs suited to your needs. You can choose one of the 3 study programs offered depending on what you need:

  • Accelerated Hebrew:

With 3-4 sessions per week, this study program is perfect beginners, intermediate and even advanced students. These online Hebrew courses are directed that those who want to learn Hebrew quickly.

  • Optimum Hebrew:

This study program offers 2 sessions per week and can be customized for students at all levels of proficiency in the language. If you wish to do a Modern or Biblical Hebrew course online, then this is the best course for you as it is the perfect pace for language acquisition.

  • Essential Hebrew:

For advanced level learners, 1-session a week online Hebrew courses are perfect. These courses are targeted at those students simply wish to keep their conversational skills honed. This program is also targeted at seminary or self-study students who need some help with their study programs. This Hebrew online course is also perfect for Rabbis as well as clergy who wish to keep in touch with their Biblical Hebrew skills.

This program can also be used by students with a limited budget or schedule.

You can also choose the type of Hebrew you wish to learn. Be it Modern conversational Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew or Liturgical Hebrew, we can offer you each type of Hebrew online course.

If you are not sure about what combination works best for you, you can fill in the contact form and our Program Director, Ariel will get in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your options.