What is the most popular Hanukkah’s song?

Peter paul Rubens, “The Triumph of Judas Maccabee,” Museum of Fine Artsin Nantes

After reciting the Hanukkah blessings and lighting the Menorah, it is customary to sing songs. The most popular Hanukkah song is “Maoz Tzur” {מעוז צור} (Hebrew for “Rock of Ages”).

This song was probably written in the 13th century in Germany. The origins of the song’s melody are very interesting and they go back to the 16th century, borrowed from a common folk song of the early Protestant movement in Germany!

The song tells us about the history of the Jewish people (up until medieval times) starting with the exodus from Egypt. The song continues with the Babylonian captivity and the biblical story of the Book of Esther. Finally the story of Hanukkah and the Maccabees is told.