Speak the language of the bible

Always wanted to learn Hebrew and didn’t know where to start? Today, learning Hebrew has never been easier. Through the on line platform you too can acquire the Hebrew language and choose your own pace. There are all sorts of class levels, depending on the level of the student. There are classes for beginners, advanced classes, Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, Liturgical Hebrew, etc.

The on line course is modular, and it is built according to your level of progress. Throughout the course, you will learn hebrew vowels, Hebrew vocabulary, correct pronunciation, grammar, and more. The course is very thorough and supplies you with various learning materials and practice.

Hebrew – a combination of holy and modern

Hebrew is the language of the prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah; the language of King David and King Solomon, the Language of Moses, the language of the bible. It is the language of great historic and holy events in history, and the base upon which the New Testament was written. But it is not just a liturgical ornament or remnant. It is a vivid language that is being used to this very day for various purposes.

With the on line course, you too can understand and speak Hebrew. The on line course can be suited in accordance to your own schedule, and is an optimal solution for working people. It is also more economical than off line courses, and no long term financial commitment is needed. The teachers are native Israelis who speak Hebrew and English fluently.

Interested in learning Biblical or Modern Hebrew on line? Want to hear further details regarding on line Hebrew lessons? Don’t hesitate to contact us on our website: hebrewversity.com or by mail: ariel@hebrewversity.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!