What is “Sevivon”?

“Sevivon” (סביבון) is the Hebrew name for a four-sided spinning top (also known as dreidel) which is the most popular Hanukkah toy. On the “sevivon” are inscribed four Hebrew letters that mean the following:
Nun (נ) – “Ness”{נס} (miracle)
Gimmel (ג) – “Gadol” {גדול} (great)
Hey (ה) – “Hayah” {היה} (was/happened)
Shin (ש) – “Sham” {שם} (there).

“A great miracle happened there” is the phrase everywhere except in Israel.In Israel it is inscribed the same except for one important difference – instead of the last Hebrew letter “shin” (ש) there is the letter “pei” (פ) which stands for “Poh” {פה} (Here) because Hanukkah’s miracle happened HERE in Israel.According to the legend, during the Maccabee’s War, people were hiding in caves and this game was invented.Hanukkah Samech! {חנוכה שמח} happy Hanukkah!