What is “Tu Be-Shevat?

Today is “Tu Be-Shevat”{ט”ו בשבט}  – Hebrew for the fifteenth of the month of Shevat {שבט} (which is the eleventh month in the Hebrew calendar).

This day is considered a holiday. It is also known by its other name:” New Year of the Trees” – which can be found in the “Mishana” {משנה} (the first main codex of the Jewish oral traditions). The Mishana teaches that this day is the most important one when it comes to laws regarding trees and plants.

For this reason it is very common to plant new trees all across the land of Israel and to eat fruits that grow in the Holy Land.

Another significant event is on this very day the “Knesset” (the Israeli parliament) was founded. In Hebrew, the word “Knesset” {כנסת} means a gathering or an assembly.