Where can you Learn Hebrew

There are a large number of online Hebrew lessons available today. You just need to google them and lists and lists of offerings pop up. So the frequently asked question is pretty much about where to learn Hebrew.

One way to do so is to just randomly choose one of the online courses and hope for the best. Or, you can join Hebrewversity and we will help you achieve your goal of learning Hebrew.

We offer three types of study programs:

  • Accelerated Hebrew

This is a program can be taken up by anyone who is looking at a fast-paced, intense course in Hebrew. Great for those with a deadline or those who simply want to learn fast.

  • Optimum Hebrew

This is the best choice for beginners and intermediate students. The pace is just right to optimize learning and ensure the creation of a solid foundation in the language.

  • Essential Hebrew

This is a program designed for advanced students who are looking at only keeping their skills sharp.

This program can also work for students with a budget constraint or a tight schedule.

Within each of these programs, we also offer different subjects:

  • Modern Hebrew

This is great for general conversational skills and everyday use.

  • Biblical Hebrew

This subject focuses on learning Biblical Hebrew. Specially targeted at Christians who would like to understand the Bible as it was written in its original tongue.

  • Liturgical Hebrew

This subject focuses on the liturgical text – the prayers and liturgical chants that are recited in the Synagogue.

Once you join us, you will no longer need to wonder about where to learn Hebrew. For more information, please fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.