Learning Hebrew

Today, there are millions of people with the desire to learn Hebrew.

Our Program Director, Ariel tells us how many times people have come to him expressing a desire to learn Hebrew. And their reasons have been varied. Some have come to learn Hebrew to be able to truly understand and articulate the prayers and liturgical chants in the Siddur (the Jewish prayer book). Others feel learning Hebrew will mean being able to read the Bible in its original language which will bring them closer to their faith. Yet others have wanted to learn – well, just to learn. Students, rabbis and clerics have come to Hebrewversity to learn Hebrew vocabulary.

For more than a decade we have taught students from all over the world to learn Hebrew. We have done this through face-to-face sessions, online tutoring, via video lessons and even in classrooms. Our philosophy is that we would like to understand your motivation for wanting to learn Hebrew and based on that, we design a customized curriculum for you.

Our programs are structured in such a way that we can offer lessons for people beginning their journey into learning Hebrew, those who already are learning Hebrew language and are at an intermediate level as well as those who just want to keep their skills honed. Within these structures we offer different kinds of lessons.

You can opt for Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and even Liturgical Hebrew. We not only help our students learn Hebrew vocabulary and grammar, but also like to expose them to the cultural context of the language – its rich history, long evolution and its revival in the 19th century.

If you are interested in learning Hebrew, please fill in our contact form and we will respond to you immediately and then design a lesson plan suited exclusively for you.