Who was Nachshon Ben Aminadav?

Nachshon Ben Aminadav {נחשון בן עמינדב}  was one of the leaders of the Judah tribe during the time of the wandering of the people of Israel in the desert (Numbers 7:12).

In Jewish history and Jewish folklore, Nachshon is mostly known due to a “Midrash” {מדרש}(ancient Jewish tradition). In this Midrash it emphasizes Nachshon’s dedication and absolute faith in God by being the first one who jumped into the water at the Crossing of the Red Sea – even before the water actually parted!

In Modern Hebrew Nachshon’s name became an adjective which means: courageous, daring or pioneering. (‘Nachshoni’ {נחשוני})

Nachshon’s absolute faith in God and his willingness to lead the others in the same path causes him to be remembered as worthy and great. His noteworthy descendants were King David and Jesus as mentioned in the New Testament in Matthew 1:4