What do the Hebrew words for “armed” and “five” have in common?

When Pharaoh finally let the Children of Israel go from Egypt, he suddenly decided to change his mind and sent his army to chase them. But right before that it is written:

“And the people of Israel went up out of the land of Egypt  equipped for battle.”(Exodus 13:18) 

In the original Hebrew, there is one word which describes the phrase:  ‘equipped for battle’ and this is the word “Chamushim” {חמושים}. This root also is used in Modern Hebrew and shares the identical meaning of The official name of the Ordinance Corps in the Israeli army is “Cheil Ha-chimush.” {חיל החימוש}

One interesting interpretation suggests that this word has something to do with the number five in Hebrew because both share the same root: Ch-M-Sh {ח-מ-ש}.

So if it is actually related to ‘five’ (“Chamesh” {חמש} in Hebrew), how then can we understand the meaning of this verse?

According to this creative interpretation, when the Children of Israel  went out of Egypt their camp was organized in five rows or columns and this means they were organized in a military formation and ready for a battle!